Taurus Monthly predictions for March 2021

Sun will be transiting from tenth to eleventh house to give favorable results throughout the month. Mars transit with Rahu in first house is not supportive. Mercury and Venus transits will give positive results only after second half of the month. Jupiter transit in ninth house is favorable but Saturn transit in ninth house may not give desirable results. Ketu in seventh house is not considered encouraging. Overall, this month may give you mixed results. Second half of the month may give some more positive results.

Though you may feel energetic during this month but at the same there may be some area of your relationship that requires you immediate attention. There may be difference of opinion with father or sickness of father may be cause of concern. Circumstances may force you to be egoist. Do not indulge in any hot arguments with your mother. Your rash and fiery approach may cause obstruction in your efforts to achieve success. Moreover, this period may also keep you away from your near and dear ones. Those who are married may have to stay away from your spouse and children, if any. This is a favorable time for lovers for marriage.

Do not start any new venture during this period. Most of the problems may solve automatically. Opponents trying to harass you will pacify. Some auspicious ceremony at home is on the card. Jupiter transit will give auspicious results during this period. You will adopt the righteous path of religion. Effect of obstacles, failures and losses suffered in the past will start getting reduced gradually. You will get ample of opportunities to visit religious places. You will feel divine blessings. This is the proper time to invest in properties, if Jupiter is strong in your natal chart. Beware of some antisocial elements who may cause problems.

You may not get the honor which you deserve and may face some blames at your workplace. Financial position may start improving gradually. Some ups and downs could also be there in career. If employed, try and avoid any kind of arguments and misunderstanding with your seniors, employers and government departments. Keep an eye on your enemies. Your finances would also require proper attention. This period also brings in ample opportunities or reasons to travel.

Your health needs proper attention during this period. You are also susceptible to developing fever and some ailments related to blood and also to suffer from indigestion, colic pain, bile or acidity problem.

This is an average month for students and they need to pay more attention on their studies. 06th and 07th of March 2021 may prove to be stressful.


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