Libra Monthly predictions for March 2021

Sun will be transiting from fifth to sixth house to give positive results only during second half of the month. Mars transit with Rahu in eighth house is inauspicious. Jupiter and Saturn transits in fourth house are also not encouraging and so is the transit of Ketu in second house. Transits of Mercury and Venus will give good results only during first half of the month. Overall, this month will give below average results for those who are born with Libra as their Moon Sign. First half of the month is likely to give some relief.

Relations with family members may not be pleasant and your attitude may be responsible for such situation at family front. Over confidence should be avoided. You need to take care of the health of your spouse. You may also feel lack of confidence. Relations with the elderly member of the family may not be cordial. There may be some misunderstanding in the relations with the children. This is not a favorable month for lovers. Marriage proposal may get delayed. You may like to remain detached from home and family and may not like the company of dear ones. You may like to live alone in isolation with little interest in worldly affairs. Beware of the quadrupeds which may cause injuries. Health or relation with mother may be cause of concern. Avoid any speculation or gambling during this period as loss is indicated.

Difficulties at professional front are also seen. Opponents will try to tarnish your image. Strained relations with the higher authorities may be the cause of worry which may be the reason for loss of mental peace. You may also face humiliation at your workplace. You are likely to face financial strains. Do not enter into any unnecessary arguments with the seniors or subordinates as the results may not be in your favor. There is possibility of change of place.

You should take your fitness and wellbeing seriously during this time. It would be best to avoid any kind of addiction to keep health on track. You should take care of your health as some stomach related problems like indigestion or acidity may exaggerate heart or blood pressure problems. Those who are already suffering from heart or BP problem should take care in advance. Wait for some more time to reap the favorable results of your destiny. Meditation and relaxation is the key to overcome the effects of this period.

Students may feel problems in concentrating in their studies. Period of Kantak Shani is running and may keep you worried mentally. Keep on performing the remedies of Saturn. On 18th and 19th of March 2021 you may feel more tensed.


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