Gemini Monthly predictions for March 2021

You need to accept the challenges at your professional front with a focused approach. You can expect the results of the same in long term.

Sun will be transiting from ninth to tenth house to give favorable results only during second half of the month. Mars transit along with Rahu in 12th house is inauspicious and so are the transits of Saturn and Jupiter in eighth house. Venus and Mercury transits will give positive results only after second half of the month. Ketu transit is also supportive. Overall, this month may generally give below average results for those who are born with Gemini as their Moon Sign. Second half of the month is likely to give more positive results.

Second half of the month may bring some disharmony in family life relations. Aggression should be avoided while dealing with family members and others. Children will perform better. Relations with spouse will be cordial. Health and relations with elderly members of the family should be taken care of particularly during second half of the month. This is favorable month for lovers.
You may feel low and stressed. Mars and Jupiter transit may not give favorable results. You will rather feel negativity due to circumstances around you. This is the period where you need to be alert from obstacles, worries, sorrows. You may face danger from thieves or some valuables may get stolen. There may be difference of opinion with father or sickness of father may be cause of concern. You may be thinking of performing some religious activity at home which might get delayed. Circumstances may force you to be egoist resulting in disappointments and lack of confidence. Do not indulge in any hot arguments with elders. Do not start any new venture during this period. Disharmony in relations with spouse may surface. Discord with family members may not be ruled out. Financial losses are also seen. You should not invest your hard earned money in speculations etc. Take care of finances and avoid any kind of unnecessary expenditure. At home, maintain a congenial relationship with your wife, children, sibling and relatives. Avoid any kind of arguments with them. Stay away from further conflicts with your enemies and be cautious enough not to create some new ones.

You may also feel obstructions in acquisition of wealth. You may not get the honor which you deserve and may face some blames at your workplace. Financial position may not be sound. You may be disgraced and may be humiliated by your seniors. You may also have to suffer the wrath of government authorities. There is also possibility of transfer to some unwanted place.
Health may also get affected adversely causing unrest. Take care of eyes, body pain and general sufferings. This period may prove to be taxing for you if care is not taken in time. Take care of your feet as well. This is the time when you must stay away from activities that might be risky to your life. Some of you may even suffer from sleep disorders . If measures are not taken, some of you may even risk your position at work and be humiliated and dishonored.

This period may bring in some opportunities for you to travel abroad. However, some of you may not get the desired result from travelling and may end up wandering aimlessly. You may also be forced to change your residence. Take care of your liver as sickness related to liver can create health problem.

This is a favorable month for students. Period of Kantak Shani is running. Perform the remedies of Saturn to avoid unnecessary obstructions in your life. Natives with Gemini Moon Sign may feel annoyed on 09th and 10th of March 2021.


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