Sagittarius Monthly predictions for March 2021

Sun will be transiting from third to fourth house to give favorable results only during first half of the month. Mars with Rahu transit in sixth house is positive. Jupiter transit in second house is supportive and so is the transit of Venus. Mercury transit will give good results only during first half of the month. Ketu and Saturn transits are not encouraging this month. Overall, this month may give above average results for those who are born with Sagittarius as their Moon Sign. First half of the month is likely to give some more positive results.

Jupiter and Mars transits are favorable this month. First half of the month is going to prove to be a favorable period for you. This period will prove to be a positive period of life. Obstructions, which you were facing in the past, will come to end. You will enjoy the support and happiness from your family, friend circle and relatives. You will enjoy the luxuries and comforts of life. You may be thinking of investing money in some profitable business or speculation. This is the proper time for acquisition of wealth. You will get respect and fame in your friend and social circle. Enemies and opponents who are creating problems in life will get defeated.

This is also a favorable period for lovers who want to marry. Pending issue of marriage may get resolved during this auspicious period. You will be delighted with the cooperation and pleasures from your spouse. This is also a good period for progeny and you may be blessed with a new coming member in the family.

You will be inclined towards the charities and would like to involve yourself in social activities. You may also be happy with long awaited promotion in service. Businessmen will also find this period flourishing. Blessings of elders and priests will prove to be a great asset. Over indulgence in any matter should be avoided.

Second half of the month may give some lesser results. You may also feel indecisiveness and restlessness in life. Domestic problems may crop up. Health or relations with father may not be cordial. You should avoid any short or long terms planning during this period. Dispute regarding ancestral property may be cause of concern. You should also avoid any unnecessary arguments with spouse for smooth sailing of married life. You would also be able to live in with peace in mind and a sense of fearlessness would prevail in you. This is also the time to win over your enemies. You may also expect ceasefire of your previous quarrels.

This transit can be considered beneficial for professional life particularly the first half of the month.. During this period you may get good income. There is also possibility to get promotion.
Association and recognition by the senior authorities will keep you energized. Gain of wealth is also seen. You will also be able to reduce the balance of your debt. Those who are involved in metal business are likely to get more benefit results.

If employed, you may expect that much awaited promotion and honor at your work place. Most of you would see success in all your undertakings. The improvement in your overall financial condition would make you feel secure, comfortable and happy. If you are caught up in any court case, you may expect a judgment that would favor you. Most of your enemies would withdraw and victory would be yours. You are also likely to command more respect and honor in the society. Some of you would also perform charitable deeds at this time.

Second half of the month may bring some problems at your professional front.

Health will be generally sound. You may also recover from the illness you might have been suffering in the past. Good health is indicated. Health would be fine during this time. You would get rid of your previous ailments. Over indulgence in work should be avoided which may results in fever and body pain.
This month is also favorable for students and they are likely to get success while appearing in competitive examinations. You are running the last phase of Sade Sati. Keep on performing the remedies of Saturn. 23th and 24th of March 2021, you may remain more stressful.
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