Cancer Monthly predictions for March 2021

You will notice that your attachment and emotional bond with your spouse is increasing day by day and you will feel contented to observe this positive change in your life.

Sun will be transiting from eighth to ninth house to give adverse results throughout the month. Mars transit with Rahu in eleventh house will give positive results and so are the transits of Jupiter in seventh house and Venus in eighth and ninth house. Transit of Saturn and Ketu may not give favorable results. Mercury transit will give supportive results only during second half of the month. Overall, this month will give above average results for those who are born with Cancer as their Moon Sign.

Family life will be supportive and harmonious. Misunderstandings, if any, will start dissolving. Marital life will be good but still some misunderstandings in relations may not be ruled out. You should avoid any conflict on small issues. During beginning of the month, the enemies may try to create problems including your neighbors during this period. Health of wife or some closed relative may be cause of concern. Children may not excel and health of father may cause worries. Take care of your expenditures and avoid any journey at present during first half of the month.

There is possibility of some financial losses. Relations with the in-laws may not be up to your expectations.

Second half of the time will bring some positive changes. This brings in happy times for you and your family. This period bestows you with landed property, and profit in your field of business or trade. Some of you are also likely to gain from your siblings during this time. This could be regarded as a time when you would see improvement in not only your professional life but also in your personal day-to-day life. Jupiter transit will give favorable results during this period. You will feel positive changes in life. This is the auspicious time for lovers who want to get married. Those who are married will get the cooperation and support of spouse to enjoy a happy conjugal life. This is also a good period for those who are expecting a child.

You will find your inclination towards new activities including religious one. You will gain knowledge and will enjoy a good health. You may also plan for some long journey to some holy places. Friend circle and relatives particularly females will favor you. This is also a favorable period for those who want to make their social circle strong. This is also a good period to gain favors from higher authorities. Those who are involved in any litigation cases will find this period supportive.

Relations at work place may not be pleasant during beginning of the month. You may not get the honor which you deserve and may face some blames at your workplace. Financial position may not be sound. But second half of the month will bring positivity in your professional life. This could also prove to be a good time for those who are employed. Some of you may expect a rise in your income or position at this time. Moreover, all your endeavors are likely to succeed bringing you more gains. You may also expect an upward move in your social status, prestige and respect during this time. Good financial position will encourage you to invest in some profitable business. You may also find some other sources of income to raise your financial position. Take care while dealing with some government official during first half of the month.

Health sector should be fine keeping you hale and hearty but still you need to take care of your digestive system. Students need to work on project which may give them success in future. Cancer born may feel depressed on 11th and 12th of March 2021.

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