Aries Monthly predictions for March 2021

There should be no reason to make unnecessary arguments with your partner and have a dispute on little issues. Maintain your calm and you will be able to find the opportunities to live together peacefully.

Sun will be transiting from eleventh to twelfth house during the month. Mars transit in second house is not supportive. Mercury transit will give positive results only after second half of the month. Transit of Jupiter and Saturn transit in tenth is not considered favorable. Venus transit will be favorable but transit of Rahu and Ketu may not give desirable results. Overall, this month will give below average results for those who are born with Aries as their Moon Sign. Second half of the month is likely to give some relief.

First half of the month is favorable so far as family life is concerned. You will feel energetic and misunderstanding developed in the past will be resolved. But second half of the month may make you worried due to extra ordinary wasteful expenditures. You may feel disappointed due to failure in your efforts which may develop bad temper and jealousy with others.

Yours Mars is transiting in second house with Rahu. You should not use harsh speech which may further cause problems and you may face some difficult situations. During this month you may start facing some temperamental issues. You should work towards taming your temper. You need to take care while dealing with your father. This period cannot be considered favorable for financial matters. This period may prove to be a time of losses. You should take care of your valuables. Some old opponent or wicked friends may try to harm you so be very careful. Keep yourself away from arguments. Watch your words before uttering them to anybody. Relations with the family members may not be up to your expectation. Domestic life may also be affected causing mental distress. Misunderstanding may develop in relations. Married life relations may prove to be supportive but you need to accept the suggestions of spouse peacefully. This is not a favorable time for lovers due to egoistic issues. Second half of the month may not prove to be favorable for children.

Monetary position may not be sound. Your work or profession may see a very low phase during this time and some of you may even lose your position if not handled carefully. Beware of your old enemies and avoid creating new ones. Beware of any wrath of the government or the state authority particularly during second half of the month. During this particular period, you are also likely to befriend some wicked people and get involved in quarrels with your family and dear ones.

This time may prove to be a tough time for you. You will not get the results to your expectations and may face repeated failures in life particularly in the field related to profession and job. Your seniors will not be satisfied with your performance which may create problems at workplace to the extent of disgrace or even loss of job. Change of job is also possible which you should accept with cool mind. Some of you may even face some allegations. Your seniors may be too demanding. In case you wish to invest, you should prefer to invest in long terms basis.

Tiresome travels may cause fatigue. Take care of health particularly problems related to body pain, fever and eye trouble. Take care of your eyes during second half of the month. Keep your moral values high.

This month is not much favorable for students but unnecessary involvement in the matters related to others should be avoided. On 04th, 05th and 31st of March 2021 you need to avoid such situations which may be responsible for higher stress level.

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