Libra Monthly predictions for February 2021

This is the testing and challenging month for Libra born. Sun will be transiting from fourth to fifth house and favorable results may not be expected from this transit. Mars transit is not favorable in seventh and eighth house. Other transitory position is also not much favorable like Jupiter and Saturn transit in fourth house and Rahu and Ketu axis in eighth and second house. However, Venus and Mercury transits are favorable. Over all this month may not give desirable results for those who are born with Libra as their Moon Sign.

Atmosphere at family front may not be favorable. Mars transit is not auspicious. Dispute with spouse and other family members may be the cause of worries which will affect the family life adversely. Some worries may prevent you to enjoy the support and happiness from your family life, friend circle and relatives. Relations with spouse may also be stressful due to your temperamental attitude. Keep your anger under control. Also take care of the health of parents and also that of children. Coming months may also not give much relief. Lovers may not feel lack of understanding. Marriage proposal may get delayed or denied. For married couples, progeny may get delayed. Though this is the time to recover from the disturbances, you experienced in the past, yet loss of peace of mind and worries may force you to avail this time for transformation.

You may like to remain detached from home and family and may not like the company of dear ones to facilitate you to go ahead for soul searching and purpose of life. You may like to live alone in isolation with little interest in worldly affairs. Mental stress may keep you upset. You also need to be careful of your health. Misunderstandings with business partner may also surface. You may also feel lack of energy level. Physical health will be troublesome. Take care of injuries. Relations with in-laws may be stressful. Your opponents will create hurdles for you. Financial losses are also seen. You may also face some false allegations causing legal complications. Keep away from hot and unnecessary arguments with others to avoid any uncomfortable situation.

Beware of the quadrupeds which may cause injuries. Health or relation with mother may be cause of concern. Meditation and relaxation is the key to overcome the effects of this period.

Profession life may remain disturbed. Your indifferent attitude may create problems in relations with the seniors or higher authorities. You may also be forced to be posted at unwanted location. Aggression at workplace should totally be avoided. Financial position may be generally unstable and you may be forced to borrow loan. Do not make unnecessary expenditures on luxurious items. Investment of any sort should be avoided. Avoid any speculation or gambling during this period as loss is indicated.  There is possibility of change of place.

Constant worries and financial strain may keep you worried causing sleep disorders and problems related to blood pressure. Journey is not seen during this month. Students may feel lack of concentration in their studies. Aggressive attitude should be avoided. Persons born with Libra as their Moon Sign are running the period of Kantak Shani which gives obstruction in life. Keep on performing the remedies of Saturn. You may feel more stressed on 19th and 20th of February 2021.


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