Cancer Monthly predictions for February 2021

You will get both good and adverse results this month. During the month of February 2021, Sun will be transiting from seventh to eighth house and may not give favorable results throughout the month. Mars transit in tenth house is not favorable up to 22nd February 2021. Jupiter transit in seventh house is positive and so are the transits of Venus in eighth house and Rahu in eleventh house. Saturn transit in tenth house along with Mercury is not supportive. Ketu transit in fifth house is not favorable. Overall, this month will be mixed results for those who are born with Cancer as their Moon Sign.

You will feel positive changes in your family life due to transit of Jupiter. Jupiter transit will give favorable results during this period. This is also a favorable month for lovers. This is the auspicious time for those who want to get married. Those who are married will get the cooperation and support of spouse to enjoy a happy conjugal life. This is also a good period for those who are expecting a child. You will find your inclination towards new activities including religious one. You will gain knowledge and will enjoy a good health. You may also plan for some long journey to some holy places. Friend circle and relatives particularly females will favor you. This is also a favorable period for those who want to make their social circle strong. Take care of the relations with children and mother.

You will feel more energetic but you need to utilize your higher level of confidence in a positive manner. If not used properly, you can have problems dealing with your higher authorities. Your opponents may overpower you. You need to concentrate on your work which will give rewarding result in future. Good financial position will encourage you to invest in some profitable business. You may also find some other sources of income to raise your financial position. Second half of the month is good period to gain favors from higher authorities. Those who are involved in any litigation cases will find this period supportive.

Saturn transit may sometimes give adverse results at your workplace. So be careful while dealing with your seniors and try to maintain harmony with your colleagues.

Health will be generally sound except some digestions disorders. Those who are already suffering from heart ailments should take extra care. Students will find this month supportive in concentrating in their studies. Cancer born may feel stressed on 12th and 13th of February 2021.  


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