Taurus Monthly predictions for February 2021

You need to keep tab on your expenditures as higher expenditures may not be ruled out this month. This month is going to give mixed results for those who are born with Taurus as their Moon Sign.

Sun will be transiting from ninth to tenth house to give positive results only during second half of the month. Mars will be transiting from twelfth to first house and good results should not be expected during this transit. Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Ketu transits are also not favorable. Jupiter transit is supportive but Saturn transit may not give desirable results.

Family life may not be up to your expectations. Try to be polite while dealing with family members. Marital life may lack warmth. Married life relations may show problems throughout the month. You may not be able to contribute fairly towards the matters related to domestic life. Children will perform better in studies. There is possibility that you may have to live away from your family during first half of the month. Strained relations with brother may also not be ruled out. You may have bad relations with your relatives and friend circle. This is not a favorable time for lovers. Aggression should be avoided during discussions.

A peaceful and polite approach would also help you to maintain affability with spouse, family and friends. And there is possibility that you will get success in your efforts to maintain harmony around you. While this period also brings opportunities to travel abroad for business, results may not be as satisfactory as per your expectations. You should not indulge in any illegal activities. During last week of the month you need to avoid rash approach towards others.

You should be very careful while dealing with higher authorities.  Colleagues may not cooperate. Avoid the tendency to interfere in the matters of others. In spite of favorable circumstances, you may face displeasure from your seniors and higher authorities. Be aware of anti social elements. Journeys should generally be avoided.

Financial situation may remain unstable causing stress. No fresh investment should be made. Higher expenditures may keep you stressed. Be aware of your secret rivals.

Health wise this month is not favorable due to higher level of stress.  Eye problems are seen. Also take care of your digestion system. Pain in legs can also cause some problems. Ill health, fatigue due to over indulgence in work and loss of money may be continuous feature which may keep you stressed. Sleep disorders may also develop during first half of the month.

This is also not a favorable period for students. They may feel lack of concentration in their studies due to unknown aggression. You may feel stressed and worried on 07th and 08th of February 2021.


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