Pisces Monthly predictions for February 2021

Sun will be transiting from eleventh to twelfth house and will give positive results only during first half of the month. Mars will transit in second house most of the time during the month. Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury transit in eleventh house is auspicious and so is the transit of Rahu in third house. Venus transit in twelfth house is also supportive. Overall, this month will give above average results for those a who are born with Pisces as their Moon Sign.

First half of the month may not give desirable results. You may feel disappointed due to failure in your efforts which may develop bad temper and jealousy with others. Monetary position may not be sound. Domestic life may also be affected causing mental distress. Your attitude and speech may be harsh which may cause difficult situation at home front. It would be in your best interest to avoid using harsh words. You should work towards controlling your temper. You should especially be careful in dealing with your father. Some old enemies or wicked friends might try to harm you so be very careful.

But second half of the month will give favorable results. You will feel energetic and full of courage to meet the challenges of life. You will feel happy on completion of your pending projects, if any. This is the time to get what you have desired for long. This is the time get recognition and incentive for your hard work done in the past. You will be successful in accomplishing your duties and responsibilities with devotion and will get appreciation in return.

Some reputed government official may support you. Profit from sale of property is also possible. Some auspicious ceremony may take place at home. Promotion in service and expansion in business may also be expected. You would like to indulge in charitable activities and will enjoy luxuries. Birth of child will be cause of happiness for the entire family. You will feel relaxed with your financial position and will enjoy good health. You would enjoy a lot of material comforts during this time.  Enemies would also get defeated. This is auspicious time for lover to get married.

You may feel satisfied with the atmosphere at your workplace. Seniors and higher authorities will be happy with your performance. Financial gains are expected. You can think of investing in speculation or properties subject the strength of your natal chart.

Health will be sound. You will get relief from the chronic diseases.   Students will get favorable results and may succeed in the efforts for higher education. Take care of stress level on 03rd and 04th of February 2021.


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