Sagittarius Monthly predictions for February 2021

First half of the month is not favorable but second half of the month is the period you were waiting for long. Sun will be transiting from second to third house to give positive results only during second half of the month. Mars transit from fifth to sixth house will give good results only after 22 Feb 2021.Jupiter transit along with Mercury in second house, Venus transit in third house and Rahu transit in sixth houses are positive. Saturn transit in second house and Ketu transit in 12th house may not yield supportive results. Overall, this month is likely to give mixed results for those who are born with Sagittarius as their Moon Sign. Second half of the month is to give more positive results.

Family life may not be favorable during beginning of the month. Relations with children may not be cordial. Their health may also be the cause of concern. Also check the company or friend circle of children they are maintaining. Pregnant women should take extra care to avoid any miscarriage. You may suddenly feel lack of energy. You will feel lack of concentration too due to restlessness. You may not be able to focus on any particular subject for a longer time. This is not the time for speculation or investing in stocks etc. as the results may not be up to your expectations. Do not involve yourself in any illegal or immoral acts under the guidance others. Avoid any planning to get quick money. You may be inclined to develop new relations which need to be scrutinized.

You may start feeling positive results after 22nd February 2021.  Misunderstandings in relations will start dissolving. You will feel a sense of energy. Obstructions, which you were facing in the past, will come to ending. You will enjoy the support and happiness from your family, friend circle and relatives. You will take pleasure in buying the luxuries and comforts of life. You may be thinking of investing money in some profitable business or speculation. This is the proper time for gaining of wealth. Enemies and opponents who are creating problems in life will get defeated.

This time is also favorable for lovers. This is also an auspicious  period for those who want to get married. Pending issue of marriage may get resolved during this supportive time. Second half of the month is also favorable for married life. This is also a good period for progeny and you may be blessed with a new coming member in the family. You will be inclined towards the charities and would like to involve yourself in social activities.

Aggression at workplace should be avoided. Otherwise this month is good for professional life. Second half of the month may bring positivity at workplace and you may start getting cordial relations with others. Financial position will improve due to your hard work. Expenditure on luxurious items and on enjoyment may go high. Disputes in property matter may keep you tensed till 22nd February. Be careful while signing any legal document. This is a favorable time to challenge enemies and opposition. Judgment of a court case would also be in your favor.  You may also be happy with long awaited promotion in service. Businessmen will also find this period flourishing. Blessings of elders and priests will prove to be a great asset.  Over indulgence in any matter should be avoided.

Health will be generally good but you need to take care of your eyes and headache. Mid of the month is not good for digestive system. You are still running last phase of Saturn popularly known as Sade Sati. Keep on performing the remedies of Saturn.

Second half of the month is more favorable for students to appear in competitive examination. Students may prefer to enjoy the time with their friends circle. On 24th and 25th of February 2021, you may remain tensed.  


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