Gemini Monthly predictions for February 2021

You will face ups and down this month and may remain irritate in spite of some favorable time.

Sun will be transiting from eighth to ninth house to give adverse results throughout the month. Mars transit from eleventh to twelfth house will give positive results only up to 22nd of February 2021. Mercury transit is favorable and so is the transit of Ketu in sixth house. Rahu transit in 12th house, Venus transit in ninth house, Jupiter transit with Saturn in eighth house may not give favorable results. This month is likely to give below average results for those who are born with Gemini as their Moon Sign. First half of the month may give some favorable results as compared to the second one.

So far as family life is concerned, this month may not be considered favorable. You will rather feel negativity due to circumstances around you. This is the period where you need to be alert from obstacles, worries, sorrows. First half of the month may, however, be considered favorable for relations with family members. You need to control your aggression particularly during second half of the month. There may be misunderstanding in relations due to your hostile attitude. Relations with spouse may not be cordial. Disharmony in relations with spouse may surface during second half of the month. You also need to keep watch on the health of spouse. Relations with in-laws may not be sweet and misunderstanding with elderly members of the family may not be ruled out. Over confidence and rough approach should be totally avoided to keep the relations smooth not only with family members but also with others. You may face danger from thieves or some valuables may get stolen. First half of the month is favorable for lovers.

This month is also not much favorable for professional life. You may be given authority to show better results. You will get appreciation for your performance. Your planning and efforts to initiate some project to earn income from several sources may get succeed. You can also think of investing in speculations, stock or properties etc. subject to strength of Venus in your natal chart. First half of the month will give positive results but the second half of the month may not be considered supportive at your workplace.  Second half of the month may bring negativity. You may feel low and stressed.  You may be disgraced and may be humiliated by your higher authorities. Financial losses are also seen. You should not invest you hard earned money in speculations etc. Health may also get affected adversely causing unrest. You need to be careful during second half of the month.

Health will be generally sound during first half of the month. But during second half of the month you may develop fatigue and sleeping disorders. Also take care of your eyes and digestive system. There is possibility for skin problems this month. Spare some time for rest from your busy schedule. Short trip for enjoyment is seen.

This is favorable period for students but they need to control aggression. You are running the period of Ashtam Shani which gives obstructions and problems in life. Natives with Gemini Moon Sign may feel restlessness on 09th and 10th of February 2021.


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