Scorpio Monthly predictions for July 2019

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(तोनानीनूनेनोया यीयू)

Like past month, planetary transits are still not favorable. Most of the planets are still moving in unfavorable houses. Sun is transiting from eighth to ninth house to give negative results throughout the month. Mars transit in ninth house is not favorable and so is the transit of Saturn/Ketu in second house and Jupiter transit in first house. Rahu transit in eighth house and Mercury transit in ninth house will not give favorable results. Venus transit is positive during transit in eighth and ninth house. Overall, this month will not be able to give any favor and results may be below average. Second half of the month may give a bit relief.

You may feel restless due to atmosphere at your home front. Relations with the family members may not be cordial. Coldness in relations may surface. Unwanted situation with relatives may spoil relations with them. Your harsh approach will only spoil the situation. Married life relations may also remain stressful but last week of the month may bring some relief. This month may also cause health issues of spouse and may be the cause of concern too. Last week of the month is favorable. Relations of health of father or some elderly members of the family may also be the cause of concern. Take care of the relations with in-laws too. Domestic worries and stressful circumstances may force your leaning towards spirituality. Your interest towards materialistic approach may decline and you may seek some sort of spiritual guidance. This month is also not favorable for lovers. Those who want to marry may face undesirable obstructions and delays. Friend circle will be helpful.

This is not a good month for professional life. Difference and conflicts with seniors may go up and you may have to face the consequences. Some of you may be forced to quit or change the job. Financial position will be stressful. Unnecessary and higher expenditures may keep you tensed. Property matters should be handled carefully. You should try to keep cool and do not allow your temperament to spoil the situation. You need to focus on your work.

Saturn is transiting your second house and you are running the last phase of Sadhe Sati. Health may get adversely affected and you may face body pain, digestive problems and lack of peace of mind resulting in sleep disorders. This month is also not favorable for students and they may face lack of concentration in their studies.

Keep on performing the remedies of Saturn to get rid of obstructions and delays. 01st, 2nd, 29th and 30th of July 2019.   

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