Capricorn Monthly predictions for July 2019

Those who do now know their Moon Sign, they can choose first letter of their name here
Bho, Jaa, Jee,Kha,Khee, Khoo, Kho, Gaa, Gee
(भोजाजी , खाखीखू , खोगागी)

This month will give mixed results as some of the planets are moving in favorable position while others are not. Sun will be transiting from sixth to seventh house to give favorable results only during first half of the month. Mars transit is adverse and so is the transit of Venus in sixth house. Saturn and Ketu transit are also not favorable this month. Mercury transit is also not supportive. Jupiter transit in eleventh house will prove to be most favorable. Overall, this month will give below average results for those who are born with Capricorn as their Moon Sign. First half of the month may prove to be more favorable.

Take care of your relations with spouse. This month may develop misunderstanding in relations. Your rash approach will only spoil the situation. You need to consider the viewpoint of your supportive spouse. Special care in relations is needed during second half of the month which may cause more harm. You should understand why people around you are ignoring you. Also take care of the health of children. Parents will be supportive and helpful. Love life will be amicable only when you keep your aggressive attitude under control. This month is favorable for marriage proposals.

At workplace also, you need to maintain relations with your colleagues. Your harsh approach may create new opponents at workplace. Though you will be able to manage them yet it is advisable to maintain harmony in relations. Communication skill is the best way to deal with such situations. In spite of inflow of income, expenditures may remain high which may keep you restless. Journeys, short or long should be avoided this month.

This is the onset of Sadhe Sati (first phase) and the native starts feeling its adverse effect. Health may not be satisfactory this month due to increase in stress level. Digestive problems may be the cause of concern. Also take care of your eyes. Some sleep disorders may also develop. Period of Sadhe Sati is not good for health and financial matters. You should start performing the remedies of Saturn right now to minimize its effect in coming years. Students should take care of their company. This month is generally favorable for them. You may feel low on 5th and 6th of July 2019.

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