Taurus Monthly predictions for January 2021

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Taurus born will get mixed results during this month. Sun will be transiting from eighth to ninth house to give adverse results throughout the month.  Mars transit is also unfavorable. But transit of Mercury and Jupiter in ninth house is supportive. Eighth house Venus transit is also considered to give positive results. Transit of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn may not give desirable results.

Some positive changes are likely to be notice but in spite of this, you need to control your temperament. Relations with spouse may not be up to your expectations. You should try to avoid harsh speech which may further cause problems and you may face some difficult situations in coming months. Avoid jealousy and anger towards others. You should be specifically careful while dealing with your father. Also take care of your valuables during this month. Some old enemy or some wicked person may try to harm you.  Unnecessary and hot arguments will only exaggerate the situation. First half of the month is not favorable for the health of mother. Children will perform better. Lover need to control their temperament while dealing with each other. Do not befriend with any wicked person. But in spite of all these issues, you may find some ray of hope to improve the situation in near future. Some auspicious ceremony may also take place at home.

Second half of the month is not favorable for those who are involved in educational fields. Professional life will be generally problematic during first half of the month but second half of the month may bring some relief. You need to work harder and should not feel disappointed with the failures. Do not mess up with your higher authorities. Some government official may also cause problems for you so be careful while dealing with any government agencies of official particularly during first half of the month. Financial position may be wavering. Higher expenditures on luxurious items should be incurred carefully. Businessmen should also be cautious while taking important decision with the partners. Long journey is also seen during the month. Investments should generally be avoided during this month.

Take care of your digestive system and urinary system till mid of the month. Failures and obstructions in life may raise stress level causing insomnia. This month may prove to be satisfactory for students who may be able to concentrate on their studies. You may feel depressed and anxious on 11th and 12th of January 2021.


Sometimes, problems may persist due to planetary position or due to Dasa or Antardasa period. In such circumstances, you should chant Shri Suktam or worship Goddess Laxmi and serve the white cows particularly on Fridays.


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