Pisces Monthly predictions for January 2021

 Those who do now know their Moon Sign, they can choose first letter of their name here

Dee, Doo, De, Do, Chaa, Chee, Tha, Jha, Gya

  दी, दू , दे, दो, चा, ची, , , त्र  

 Sun will be transiting from tenth to eleventh house to give positive results throughout the month. Mars transit is not favorable and so are the transits of Ketu and Venus. Transits of Rahu in third house, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will give positive results. Overall this month is likely to give above average results for those who are born with Pisces as their Moon Sign.    

In spite of amicable atmosphere at home, you may not feel satisfied due to your temperamental issues. Difference of opinion with father or sickness of father may the cause of concern. Sometimes, you may feel disappointed due to failure in your efforts which may cause bad temper and a sense of jealousy with others.

You should try to avoid harsh speech which may further cause problems and you may face some difficult situation.  It would be desirable for you to avoid harsh words. You should also pay attention to the safety of your valuables. Some old enemies or wicked friends may try to cheat on you. Beware of your old enemies and avoid creating new ones. You may develop the negative emotion. This is a good period for lovers. This is a favorable time for marriage.

Take good care of your finances as there are chances of loss. Also beware of any differences with the government officials or the state authority. Atmosphere at work place will be generally favorable but you may feel lack of concentration due to temperament.  Financial position will required your attention.    Those who are in partnership may not find this period favorable. Investing in stocks or immovable properties can be considered subject to strength of Jupiter and Saturn in the natal chart.

Health will be generally satisfactory and you will be able to recover from your previous ailments. Travel will be enjoyable.  This is a favorable month for students and they should avail this period to raise their concentration level and to appear in competitive examinations. Take care of stress level on 06th and 07th of January 2021.


In case you face problems and hurdles, you should worship Lord Vishnt and chant Vishnu Sahstranam Strotra.


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