Libra Monthly predictions for January 2021

Those who do now know their Moon Sign, they can choose first letter of their name here

Raa, Ree, Roo, Re, Ro, Taa, Tee, Too, Te

  रा , री, रू, रे, रो, ता, ती , तू , ते

Sun will be transiting from third to fourth house to give positive results only during first half of the month. Mars transit in seventh house is not favorable and so are the transits of Jupiter and Saturn in fourth house.  Rahu/Ketu transit is also not favorable. Venus and Mercury transits are supportive. Overall, this month may give only below average results for those who are born with Libra as their Moon Sign. First half of the month may give some more positive results.  

You may remain restless this month. You may also feel indecisiveness. You need to control your aggressive attitude which may cause problems around you. Domestic problems may surface. Faulty language against any one should be totally avoided and handle any unpleasant situation with cool mind. Do not pick up unnecessary fights. Family relations may not be so sweet. Relations with spouse and mother may also be not so cordial due to your inflexible attitude. You need to handle the situation with tactics and patience. Also take care of your relations with father. Some dispute related to ancestral property may also crop up. Try to maintain moral values and do   not indulge in an extra marital affairs etc.  Also take care of the health of spouse. Most of you are likely to develop enmity with some noble person. Make peace with your friends and dear ones. First half of the month is not good for brother. This month cannot be considered favorable for lovers too.

Though this is the time to recover from the disturbances you experienced in the past, yet loss of peace of mind and worries may force you to avail this time for transformation.  You may like to remain detached from home and family.

First half of the month is supportive for professional life. Association and recognition by the senior authorities will keep you energized.  Cooperation from faithful friends and relatives will be available. You will be courageous to face any situation.  Second half of the month may bring some problems for you. Your seniors and higher authorities may not support you. You should remain beware of your business partner during this time as he or she could betray you. Your finances would need vigil as well. Some of you may lose some of your funds due to your wrong decisions. You need to curtail unnecessary expenditures. Do not invest in speculations etc. Travels should also be avoided during this month.

  You may also recover from the illness during first half of the month. But during second half of the month you need to take care of your health. As there are possibilities to suffer on account of fever, body pain, chances of venereal diseases etc. Those who are already suffering from heart related problems should take extra care. Beware of the quadrupeds which may cause injuries.

 This month is also not much supportive for students.  Aggression should be avoided. You may feel stressed on 23rd and 24th of January 2021.


In case you face challenges and obstacles in your life, you should worship Goddess Devi and serve the white cows.


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