Gemini Monthly predictions for January 2021

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Kaa, Kee, Koo, Ke, Ko, Gh, Da, Chh, Ha

  का, की, कु , के, को, , ड़ , , हा

Sun will be transiting from seventh to eighth house and may not give desirable results during this transit. Mars will be transiting in favorable house; so are the transits of Ketu in sixth house and Mercury in eighth house. Other planetary positions may not prove to supportive. Transits of Jupiter and Saturn in tenth house and that of Venus in seventh house are not positive.  Rahu transit is also not favorable. Overall, this month may give below average results for those who are born with Gemini as their Moon Sign.

Relations with others may get affected negatively during this month. You may find the lack of support from your family members. Some neighbor may also cause problem for you. Misunderstanding with spouse may also develop. Also take care of the health of spouse which may be the cause of concern. Children may not excel in their studies and you may also have to face problems of the health issues of your children. This month is not good for the health of parents too. Lovers may not feel happy due to circumstances they may be facing this month. Friends may prove to be helpful. You may also be thinking of changing your residence.

Those who are in profession or job may also face problems with regard to the career. Professional life may be troublesome. You may have differences with your higher authorities. There is possibility of losing of the job for some of you or you may be transferred at some distant location against your wishes. Your relations with the business partners may not be cordial. Though income sources may be satisfactory but you need to take care of your higher expenditures. It is better to avoid any journey this month. Financial position may be wavering and there is possibility of some financial losses too. Investment in landed properties should be considered only when Jupiter or Saturn is strong in your natal chart.   

Health may also the cause of concern this month. You may face fatigue due to over indulgence in work which may affect your digestive system adversely. Take special care of your liver system. Skin problems may keep you upset. Those who are already suffering from blood pressure related issues, should take extra care. This period may also not give desirable results for the students. You are running period of Kantak Shani or Ashtam Shani which may bring obstacles and problems in the different areas of life.  Keep on performing the remedies of Saturn or consult some astrologer for some respite in the circumstances.      Natives with Gemini Moon Sign may feel restlessness on 13th and 14th of January 2021 as these dates may create more problems for them.  


During the time of problems and challenges, you should chant Vishnu Sahastranama Strotra. You should also offer food to the cows.


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