Virgo Monthly predictions for April 2021

Sun will be transiting from seventh to eighth house and favorable results of this transit should not be expected this month. Other planetary positions are also not generally favorable. Mars transit in ninth and tenth house; Saturn transit in fifth house; Jupiter transit in sixth house and Rahu transit in ninth house are not supportive. Venus and Mercury transits will give mixed results. This month may not be considered to give good results for those who are born with Virgo as their Moon Sign. .

Family life may not be considered supportive this month. Misunderstanding amongst family members may prevail. Relations with the spouse may not be cordial. Those who already have difference in marital life need to be more cautious as this time may prove to be strenuous for married life. Relations with the children may remain cold. Health and relations of father or some elderly members of the family may be the cause of concern. This is not a favorable time for the lovers and the relations may not be smooth. Marriage proposal will either be obstructed or denied.

Professional life will not show good results. Misunderstanding in relations with higher authorities may be the cause of stress which may result in transfer or losing the job. Promotion, if any, may get delayed or denied. Second half of the month may prove to be more troublesome. Some Government officials may also the cause of problem particularly during second half of the month. Financial position may be wavering. Investment of any type should be avoided. Travels may prove to be tiring.

This month is not good for health. Spouse will also suffer from health issues. Take care of your digesting system and chest area. Health issues may force some of you to hospitalization. Meditation and Yoga practice will give positive results. Students may find this period disturbing. You may remain depressed on 12th and 13th of April 2021.  


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