Taurus Monthly predictions for April 2021

Sun will be transiting from eleventh to twelfth house to give favorable results only during first half of the month. Mars transit is inauspicious and so are the transits of Jupiter in tenth house; Saturn in ninth house and Rahu/Ketu axis in first and seventh house. Venus transit is supportive but Mercury transit will give fruitful results only during first half of the month. This month cannot be considered a good month for those who are born with Taurus as their Moon Sign. First half of the month may give more good results.

Most of the transits are not favorable for the family life. Difference amongst family members may prevail due to your hot temperament. Relations with spouse may not be cordial and you need to manage the balance amongst relations. Second half of the month may also create health problems to the children. You may also face some temperamental issues during second half of the month. Try to keep your anger under control to maintain sweetness of relations with family members and others. Misunderstanding may also develop with father or some elderly members of the family during second half of the month and coldness in the relations may come into view. Some government official may also cause trouble during second half of the month. This is a favorable month for lovers to enjoy the party time but there may be some obstructions in finalizing the marriage proposal.

You will not get the results to your expectations and may face repeated failures in life particularly in the field related to profession and job. Your seniors will not be satisfied with your performance which may create problems at workplace to the extent of disgrace or even loss of job. Change of job is also possible which you should accept with cool mind. You may also face some allegations or charges of misappropriations. You may not get the results matching to your credentials. You may be forced to work at lower rank and your seniors may be too demanding. You may feel the lack of freedom in life. In case you wish to invest, you should prefer to invest in long terms basis. Heavy and wasteful expenditures on unnecessary luxurious items should be avoided. Property matters should be handled with care particularly during second half of the month.

Some health issues are also seen during this month. You may feel lack of energy level along with certain problems related to indigestion. Body pain, eyes problems and insomnia may be the cause of worries. Avoid unnecessary travels.

First half of the month is favorable for students but during second half of the month they may start feeling lack of concentration in studies. 3rd, 4th and 30th of April 2021may prove to be stressful.


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