Sagittarius Monthly predictions for April 2021

Sun will be transiting from fourth to fifth house to give adverse results throughout the month. Mars transit will give favorable results only during first half of the month. Jupiter and Saturn transits are also unfavorable. Ketu transit in 12th house is also not supportive. But Rahu transit in sixth house gives positive results. Mercury and Venus transit will give average results. Overall, this month may not give desirable results for those who are born with Sagittarius as their Moon Sign.

You may feel lack of happiness during this period. You may also feel indecisiveness and restlessness in life. Domestic problems may crop up. Health or relations with father may not be cordial. You should avoid any short or long terms planning during this period. Dispute regarding ancestral property may be cause of concern. You should also avoid any unnecessary arguments with spouse for smooth sailing of married life. Second half of the month is not favorable for married life. Relations or health of the children may also be the cause of worries during second half of the month. This month is not favorable for lovers and ego problems may surface in the relations. Avoid any conflict with friends and relatives. Spoiled relations with friends circle and relative may keep them away at the time of need. You may feel sense of dissatisfaction in life and may look for purpose and meaning of life. Physically you may feel restless, tired and exhausted due to stress and failure at workplace. In spite of support from family members, you may not feel happy with the atmosphere at your family front. Relations with mother may not be cordial up to your expectations particularly during first half of the month. Avoid conflict on small issues.

You may feel stressed due to failure in your ventures or loss of position. You may also be transferred to some new place. Any long journey during this period should be avoided. Heavy investment should be avoided as loss in business is also indicated. You should keep yourself engaged in seeking knowledge, learning and studying the religious books.

You should take care of your health as some stomach related problems like indigestion or acidity may exaggerate heart or blood pressure problems. Those who are already suffering from heart or BP problem should take care in advance. Students may feel positive changes but they may also face lethargic. On 20th and 21st of April 2021, you will remain tensed.    


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