Leo Monthly predictions for April 2021

Sun will be transiting from eighth to ninth house to give adverse results throughout the month. Mars transit will give favorable results only during second half of the month. Jupiter transit in seventh house; Saturn transit in sixth house and Venus transit will be supportive during the month. Mercury and Venus transits will give average results. Rahu/Ketu axis in fourth and tenth house is adverse. Overall, this month will give above average results for those who are born with Leo as their Moon Sign. Second half of the month is likely to give more favorable results.

This month will give favorable results for the family life. You will feel positive changes in life. Jupiter transit will give favorable results during this period. This is the auspicious time for those who want to get married. Those who are married will get the cooperation and support of spouse to enjoy a happy conjugal life. This is also a good period for those who are expecting a child. Good financial position will encourage you to invest in some profitable business. You may also find some other sources of income to raise your financial position.

You will find your inclination towards new activities including religious one. You will gain knowledge and will enjoy a good health. You may also plan for some long journey to some holy places. Friend circle and relatives particularly females will favor you. This is also a favorable period for those who want to make their social circle strong. This is also a good period to gain favors from higher authorities. Enemies may try to create problems including your neighbors during this period. Health of wife or some closed relative may be the cause of concern. Those who are involved in any litigation cases will find this period supportive.

Due to transit of Mars, you are likely to face a lot of trouble ranging from misbehavior of your superiors, failure in efforts, sorrow, disappointments, exhaustion and so on particularly during first half of the month. But during second half of the month, you are also likely to meet with success in your field of work at the end. Some of you would be able to perform better than ever at work.  This period is likely to bestow a rise in your prestige, position and authority at work.  Your glory is also likely to bring in some new friends into your life. Investment in stocks, shares or immovable properties should be made subject to the strength of Jupiter in the natal chart.

Health however, would require your attention. Take care of your eyes and digestive system and any infectious diseases. Keep note of what you are eating and keep up your mental health as well. Some of you may also feel relieved of your worries and would win over your enemies. However, never under estimate your enemies and stay away from weapons.

Students will find this period favorable.  This is the month when they can get success in competitive examinations. Take care on 10th and 11th of April 2021 as higher level of stress may not be ruled out on these dates.


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