Virgo Monthly predictions for June 2019

Those who do now know their Moon Sign, they can choose first letter of their name here
To, Paa, Pee, Poo, Pe, Po, Sha, Na, Tha
(टो , पा , पीपू , पेपो ,  , ठ)

Like past month, most of the planetary position is adverse this month including transit of Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu, Rahu and Mercury. Sun will be moving from ninth to tenth house to give favorable results only during second half of the month. Mars transit in tenth house is not good for professional matters but last week of the month may give some relief in the matters related to professional life. Mercury transit is inauspicious and so is the transit of Ketu in fourth house. Saturn is also moving in fourth house and as such may cause some issues related to family and property. Jupiter moving in third will not give positive results. Only Venus is the planet which may give some favorable results. Overall, this month will give adverse results most of the time for those who are born with Virgo as their Moon Sign. Second half of the month may give some relief.

First half of the month may not be considered favorable for family life. Friend circle may also create some problems particularly during second half of the month. You should not pick up any quarrel with friends and relatives. Spoiled relations with friend’s circle and relatives may keep them away at the time of need. Relations with mother or her health may be the cause of concern. Take care of the health of father during first half of the month. Relations with spouse may cause disharmony. Lack of cordial relations with spouse is indicated. You need to control your aggressive nature to keep the relations smooth. You may feel sense of dissatisfaction in life. This is not favorable time for lovers. Disharmony in relations and lack of proper communication may be noticed.  Marriage proposal, if any, should be postponed for some more time.

Adverse planetary position indicates problems at your professional front. Professional life may not be considered smooth. Those who are waiting for promotion may have to wait for some more time. Relations with seniors may not be cordial. There is also possibility of being transferred to a new location. You may feel stressed due to failure in your ventures or loss of position. This is not the proper time to change the job. Investing in stocks or shares may not give desired results and may even be the cause of loss. Businessmen may not find this period favorable for expansion of their business or for initiating any new venture.   Investing in stocks or shares may be the cause of losses.

Physically you may feel restless, tired and exhausted due to stress and failure at workplace. Health may be a concern for the entire family. On health ground, you may face issues with breathing and mental unrest.  It would be best to avoid any kind of addiction to keep health on track.     You are also running period of Kantak Shani which renders adverse and negative results. This period also causes unrest due to obstructions in important work. Journeys may prove to be tiring You may remain depressed on 1st, 27th and 28th of June 2019.

Important Transits running at present:-
Jupiter transit in Scorpio from 11th October 2018 
Rahu transit in Gemini from 07th March
Ketu transit in Sagittarius from 07th March
Mars transit in Gemini from 07th May

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