Taurus Monthly predictions for September 2019

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Sun will be transiting from fourth to fifth house to give adverse results throughout the month. Mars will mostly transit in fifth house and may not give desired results. Mercury transit during second half of the month is favorable but transit of Venus is favorable throughout the month. Jupiter transit is favorable this month but transit of Saturn with Ketu in eighth house is adverse. Rahu in second house may give negative results. Overall, this month may give mixed results for those who are born with Taurus as their Moon Sign. Second half of the month may give a bit relief.

Venus and Jupiter transits are favorable to enjoy family life and personal life. But at the same time, transit of Mars during the month may make you hot-headed. You need to control your temperament to maintain the relations which otherwise are willing to give pleasures in life. Your sudden harsh approach may create problems in smooth relations. Spouse will be supportive. Amicable relationship with your wife, children and others will give you respect in social circle. Health of some elderly members of the family may be cause of concern. This is a favorable month for lovers only if ego is set aside. This is also auspicious time for those who are willing to tie knot.  This is also a favorable time for those couples who are planning for baby.

Again, this month may not prove to be favorable for professional life due to conflicts at workplace.  You may have to work harder but with lesser results. Some of you may be forced to quit the job or may be posted at far away location against your wishes. Atmosphere at workplace may not be cordial.   Financial position may not remain stable. Promotion may get delayed or denied. Some of you may even risk your position at workplace and be humiliated and dishonored.

This is also not a favorable time to make heavy investment. You need to be more careful while dealing with property matters. Businessmen may get positive results if they have better understandings with their partners. Unnecessary and heavy expenditures may keep you stressed. Travelling should be avoided.

Some health issues are also seen during this month. Indigestion and stomach disorders may keep you upset most of the time.   You are still running the period of Ashtam Saturn which is considered to give adverse results. Failures and obstructions in life may raise stress level causing insomnia.

This month may prove to be favorable for students who may explore new areas for their future studies. Concentration level will be better during second half of the month. Performing remedies related to Saturn may prove to be helpful. You may feel stressed and worried 07th and 08th of September 2019.


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