Scorpio Monthly predictions for June 2019

Those who do now know their Moon Sign, they can choose first letter of their name here
To, Naa, Nee, Noo, Ne, No, Yaa, Yee, Yoo|
(तोनानीनूनेनोया यीयू)

Planetary transits are adverse. Almost none of the planets are transiting favorably which indicates lot of struggle and adverse situation in every aspect of life including finance, profession and personal life etc. Sun is transiting from seventh to eighth house giving adverse circumstances in personal and professional life. Mars transit is inauspicious both in eighth and ninth house. This will only exaggerate the adverse situation at home front. Jupiter transit is also not favorable while moving in first house. Saturn transit in second house in unfavorable. Ketu is also transiting in second house along with Saturn and may create unpleasant situation with matters related to finance. Venus transit is also not supportive. Only Mercury transit may give some relief. Rahu and Ketu transit are also negative. Overall, this month may give adverse results for those who are born with Scorpio as their Moon Sign. If Mars and Jupiter are weak in the natal chart, you may have to face more severe circumstances. Only first half of the month may give some relief otherwise the entire month is not positive.

You may feel disturbed this month. Relations with family members may not be cordial and unnecessary arguments may spoil the sweetness of the relations. Family members may not be happy with you. Transitory position is specifically adverse for marital life. Affliction of seventh house, transit of Rahu, Mars and Sun in eighth house is not positive indication for conjugal life. Relations may spoil due to lack of understanding. Such situation may also cause health issues of spouse. Try to avoid hot and unnecessary arguments as much as possible otherwise this time may create long term misunderstandings in relations. Unnecessary quarrels may take place with relatives. Elders of the family may not be happy. Domestic worries and stressful circumstances may force your leaning towards spirituality. Your interest towards materialistic approach may decline and you may seek some sort of spiritual guidance. If situation is out of control, consult some astrologer and perform the remedies to avoid or minimize the effect of this situation in life. This time is also not favorable for lovers and they should be careful during get-together. Those who want to marry may face undesirable obstructions and delays.

You may remain restless during this month. Failure in endeavor and high expenditure may keep you tensed. Financial position may not be pleasing.  You may face problems in property matters. You may face enmity with others with no fault of you.  

Keep cool and do not allow your temperament to spoil the situation. Over confidence should be avoided while dealing delicate matters. You need to spare some for yourself.

You need to work harder at your workplace. You may not get desired cooperation from seniors.  Result of your hard work may be ignored by the higher authorities. Some you you may be forced to quit the job. Find a new job will not be an easy job. Avoid bringing the stress of your workplace at home. In spite of these adverse circumstances; you would not like to give up the path of honesty. Promotion will be either delayed or denied for the time being. Financial position will be wavering and expenditures will be high. This is not the time to make investment of any type. This time may also prove to be tough for businessmen.

Saturn transit may keep you low. Health will be adversely affected and you may face body pain, digestive problems and lack of peace of mind resulting in sleep disorders.   This month may not give desirable result for students particularly for those who are appearing in competitive examinations. You need to concentrate more on your studies.

This is the last phase of Sadhe-Sati for Scorpio born.  Keep on performing the remedies of Saturn to get rid of obstructions and delays. 04thand 05th of June 2019 may cause some unnecessary stress. 

Important Transits running at present:-
Jupiter transit in Scorpio from 11th October 2018 
Rahu transit in Gemini from 07th March
Ketu transit in Sagittarius from 07th March
Mars transit in Gemini from 07th May

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