Gemini Monthly Predictions For December 2020

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Kaa, Kee, Koo, Ke, Ko, Gh, Da, Chh, Ha

का, की, कु , के, को, , ड़ , , हा

Sun will be transiting from sixth to seventh house and favorable results of this transit may be expected during first half of the month. Mars transit is generally not favorable most of the time during the month and so are the transits of Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu. Venus and Mercury transits are favorable till first half of the month. Ketu transit in sixth house is positive. Overall, this month may give below average results for those who are born with Gemini as their Moon Sign. Second half of the month may give some relief.

Family life may not show desirable results due to misunderstandings in relations with family members. Second half of the month is not supportive for relations and health of spouse. Hot and unnecessary arguments may spoil the relations with children also particularly during second half of the month. Friends may also prove to be helpful but take care of your relations with the in-laws this month. Lovers may not feel satisfied due to disharmony in relations. Aggression and ego should be avoided to maintain the relations.

Stained or troubled relations with higher authorities may not be ruled out. Ego should be kept aside while dealing with others at workplace. Some of you may be posted at distant locations. There are also chances of losing the job for some depending upon the strength and position of Jupiter and Saturn in the natal chart.  Your hard work may not show desired results. Opponents will be active to create obstructions. Try to solve the issues, if any, within first half of the month. Financial position may remain unstable due to higher expenditures. Investments should be avoided as far as possible. Travels are not seen in this month.

Health issues related to digestion may be the cause of concern. Those who are suffering from liver problems and joint pain etc. should take extra care.

Second half of the month is not favorable for students. Period of Kantak Shani is going on. Perform the remedies of Saturn to avoid unnecessary obstructions in your life. Natives with Gemini Moon Sign may feel impatient on 16th and 17th of December 2020.   


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