2021 Numerology Predictions for Number 8

Numerology has an important role in both Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. Numerology is the science based on numbers. This is very popular in Western countries and also has immense significance to predict accurately about the traits and future of the native. In 2021 what will be the favorable time for the persons having `8` as their Birthday number, how will be their family life, professional life, financial issues etc. will be a matter of curiosity for such personalities. Here in this article, we shall discuss all the important aspects of life for the year 2021 for Birthday Number `8` persons.

Some natives do not have their full birth details but they are aware of the date of birth only. In the absence of horoscope, Numerology may prove to be very important for them to know about their future events.

Persons born on 8th, 17th and 26th of any month in any year are known to have ‘8’ as their Birthday number. The one digit number of all these dates will be ‘8’ like for the date of 17 it will be 1+7=8, for 26 the same will be 2+6=8.

Total number of the year 2021 is 5 i.e. 2+0+2+1= 5. Lord of Number 5 is Mercury and lord of Number 8 is Saturn. Both these planets have great compatibility with each other. Year 2021 is going to be very favorable for such natives. They have good compatibility with Number 4, 6 and 7 Numbers.

Persons born with their Birthday Number 8 are very hard working and ambitious in life. They face delay and obstructions in their matters due to the effect of Saturn. Saturn travels very slowly and its effect can be seen in their life. They want emotional support for their work which sometimes makes them connect with only limited persons only. They have a small circle of friends but their friend circle will be trustworthy. They like to attach with the public and any work involving public and gatherings may give them great success and satisfaction in life. They are very cooperative and amicable and avoid any direct conflict with anyone. Lucky time starts from the age of around 35. Initial years of life are struggling. Generally they are misunderstood by others.

Their married life may indicate some problems and misunderstanding particularly during the months from April to July 2021 and again during the months of October and November. Other months will generally give average results. They should also pay special attention to maintain harmony in the relations with their spouse.

Professional life will be satisfactory as Saturn will be moving in its own Sign. Some benefic planets will also conjunct with Saturn throughout the year. In spite of some misunderstanding in relations with the higher authorities you will get their support. This year you can claim appreciation or promotion, if the same is due. You need to work hard to get success at your workplace. Financial flow will be intact. Any financial deal should be finalized only after June 2021. Be aware during the last two months of the year which may bring some distress at your workplace. Also take care of your speech as harsh speech may cause problems with others at your professional front.

For investment purposes, time up to April 2021may prove to be favorable. Take guidance of some knowledge and expert person before investing.

Businessmen will get desirable results this year and are likely to expand their business with their own efforts.

Health will give mixed results this year. You need to take extra care of your digestive system this year for which you need to control your dietary habits. Religious travels are also seen. Beware while driving.

Year 2021 will prove to be the best year for students if they focus on their studies. Students, who are involved in any technical course, are likely to get desirable and satisfactory results according to their hard work. They may also get the opportunities for higher studies and also for foreign tour for study purposes. Keep on working hard with a positive attitude.

Remedies – Chant Shani mantra and offer mustard oil in temple and serve the poor or some orphanages on Saturdays.

We wish you A Happy New Year 2021

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