2021 Numerology Predictions for Number 7

Numerology has an important role in both Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. Numerology is the science based on numbers. This is very popular in Western countries and also has immense significance to predict accurately about the traits and future of the native. In 2021 what will be the favorable time for the persons having `7` as their Birthday number, how will be their family life, professional life, financial issues etc. will be a matter of curiosity for such personalities. Here in this article, we shall discuss all the important aspects of life for the year 2021 for Birthday Number `7` persons.

Some natives do not have their full birth details but they are aware of the date of birth only. In the absence of horoscope, Numerology may prove to be very important for them to know about their future events.

Persons born on 7th, 16th and 25th of any month in any year are known to have ‘7’ as their Birthday number. The one digit number of all these dates will be ‘7’ like for the date of 16 it will be 1+6=7, for 25 the same will be 2+5=7.

Total number of the year 2021 is 5 i.e. 2+0+2+1= 5. Lord of Number 5 is Mercury and Lord of Number 7 is Ketu. Both these planets have great friendships with each other. As such, 2021 is going to be one of the most favorable and special years for those who have their Birthday Number 7. They have good compatibility with Number 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7.

Lord of Number 7 is Ketu which is considered a very secretive planet. Such natives are found to be introvert and can keep any secret for any time and even throughout life too. If you wish someone in your life who may keep your secrets forever, you can trust persons born with Birthday Number 7. They are very friendly and cooperative. Ketu is also known as a planet of liberation. Such native are religious and kind. Ketu gives them the power of intuition. They always keep themselves busy in some research particularly related to religion, astrology and spirituality etc. Good astrologers, professors, sportsmen, researchers and philosophers are found to have their Birthday Number 7. MS Dhoni, the former captain of Indian Cricket Team has all these peculiarities in him because he belongs to Number 7. He will never reveal his plan to anyone. His sudden decisions are shocking and successful. He has a great sense of cooperation and don’t have pomp and show nature in displaying any award etc.

Their married life may indicate some problems and misunderstanding during the first quarter of the year. Mid of the year is good for married life. But during the months of November and December, they need to take extra care to make their married life more harmonious. Months of November and December 2021 may prove to be problematic for their married life and love life and also for the health of their spouse. During these months they should also take care of their father’s health. These months may also prove to be problematic for the native too.

Ketu is moving in a positive position during the year 2021. You should use your capabilities this year to make more success at your workplace. Try to be practical and no decision should be taken on the ground of emotions. First quarter of the year may not prove to be successful and so are the months of November and December 2021. You need to be careful during these months while taking important decisions. Financial position will be generally strong. For professional life they should be more social with their colleagues. If they are planning for job change, this year will give a lot of opportunity for the same. Those who are looking for a new job will also get the chance for the same. Those who are involved in research work will get good responses and success this year. Months from May to August may not prove to be favorable for financial matters and they should avoid investing in some plan during this period.

You may suffer from depression and particularly you need to be very careful of your health during the months of November and December which indicates some hospitalization too.

Students need to work hard this year. At times they may find lack of concentration in their studies.

Remedies – Worship Lord Ganesha every day and offer ladoo to Lord Ganesh on every Wednesday.

We wish you A Happy New Year 2021

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