2021 Numerology Predictions for Number 5

Numerology is the science based on numbers. In Western Astrology, this is very popular and also has immense significance to predict accurately about the traits and future of the native. In 2021 what will be the favorable time for the persons having `5` as their Birthday number, how will be their family life, professional life, financial matters etc. will be a matter of curiosity for such personalities. Here in this article, we shall discuss all the important aspects of life for 2021 for Birthday Number `5` persons.

Some natives do not have their full birth details but they are aware of the date of birth only. In the absence of horoscope, Numerology may prove to be very important for them to know about their future events.

Persons born on 5th, 14th or 23rd of any month in any year are known to have ‘5’ as their Birthday number. The one digit number of all these dates will be ‘5’ like for the date of 14 it will be 1+4=5 and for 23 the same will be 2+3=5.

Total number of 2021 is also 5 i.e. 2+0+2+1= 5 which is governed by Mercury. So naturally this year is going to be favorable and prosperous for those who have their Birthday Number 5 since there is compatibility in both these numbers as their Lords are same.

Such persons are very sociable and have the qualities to attract others towards them. They are soft spoken and like to meet other people for interaction and companionship. They are the fittest people to get out their job from others due to their capabilities and oratory skills. Due to their amicable nature and witty speech, these natives can be very successful in the business of marketing. They have good convincing power and can win over any situation by their logical speech. They are also flexible by nature which gives them to avail the opportunities others may miss. They have good contacts and reliable friends too.

But there are also some negative aspects of such characters. They are restless and become annoyed soon if they are interrupted. Sometimes, they have the nature of mockery and excess of such instinct may tarnish their image too. They want quick results of their work and failure makes them hyper.

Lord of Number 5 is Mercury which represents the qualities of such natives. Mercury means flexibility, oratory skill, communication qualities, financial matters and knowledge etc. which matches with the nature of Number 5 persons. They have good compatibility with the persons born with Birthday Number 1, 5 and 7.

Year 2021 will prove to be a good year for them. Their family life will be satisfactory. Misunderstandings developed in the past will start resolving. They should expand their friend and social circle this year and this goal can be achieved by expanding their area of communication with others. Those who are of marriageable age will get an opportunity to get married this year. Relations with your spouse will be amicable and cooperative. Small domestic issues with spouse should be ignored.

Persons with Birthday Number 5 will get success and good opportunity in their professional life and business. February 2021 to March 2021 may give some monetary success. May 2021 may also prove to be a better month for the matters related to finance.

Month of September 2021 may give some opportunities to get promotion or some appreciation in professional life. Month of April 2021 may cause some problems and higher expenditures may not be ruled out. You may also remain agitated and confused during this month. You may also be planning to write off your loan as much as possible. You will also be able to fulfill the challenges you might face during this year.

Persons involved in communication industries or involved with some creative field will get better opportunities this year. You may also invest in some profitable ventures. You should be clear in your terms and conditions while dealing with others. Financial position will also improve particularly during the months of August and September 2021.

Health will be generally satisfactory except during the month of April 2021. Month of December 2021 may cause some problems related to skin. Control your egoistic approach to get more success in your professional and social field. You are prone to cough and cold, so take care.

Favorable months for students will be the months of August and September 2021 to appear in some competitive examination etc. Month of April may cause lack of concentration in studies.

Remedies – Donate green fodder to cow on Wednesday and worship Lord Ganesha.

We from ShriVinayaka Astrology wish you

a Happy New Year 2021 for success in life.

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