2021 Numerology Predictions for Number 4

Numerology has an important role in both Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. Numerology is the science based on numbers. This is very popular in Western countries and also has immense significance to predict accurately about the traits and future of the native. In 2021 what will be the favorable time for the persons having `4` as their Birthday number, how will be their family life, professional life, financial issues etc. will be a matter of curiosity for such personalities. Here in this article, we shall discuss all the important aspects of life for the year 2021 for Birthday Number `4` persons.

Some natives do not have their full birth details but they are aware of the date of birth only. In the absence of horoscope, Numerology may prove to be very important for them to know about their future events.

Persons born on 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of any month in any year are known to have ‘4’ as their Birthday number. The one digit number of all these dates will be ‘4’ like for the date of 13 it will be 1+3=4, for 22 the same will be 2+2=4 for and for 31 it will be 3+1=4.

Total number of the year 2021 is 5 i.e. 2+0+2+1= 5. Lord of Number 5 is Mercury and lord of Number 4 is Rahu. Both these planets have much compatibility with each other. This year is going to be more favorable and prosperous for those who have their Birthday Number 4. They have good compatibility with Number 3, 4, 6 and 8.

Persons born with Number 4 are governed by the Rahu. Rahu is the planet of politics, legal matters and such natives have a very sharp mind in matters related to electronics. Rahu also covers IT sectors. They are very hard workers. They are straight forward and would like to speak truth even at the cost of friendship. They are self-centered and do not like to interfere in the matters of others. But at the same time they do not like to be disturbed by others. In case of provocation they may become furious. Unknown fear about the future may keep them disturbed.

Year 2021 is going to prove as a promising year for their professional life and business. Since the year 2021 number and their Birthday Number have resemblance with each other, they will get the maximum benefit from this year.

Family life may start this year with some confusion. You need to be very careful while dealing with your spouse to avoid any misunderstandings in the relationship. You need to up-keep the moral values and try your best not to get involved in any extra marital affairs. Rahu also creates confusion. So, be alert and do not engage in any such affair. Marriage proposal, if any, will be finalized. Some auspicious ceremonies may also take place at home.

This year will prove to be a promising year for your professional life. You will get the cooperation from your seniors. In case of any trouble you will get help from any unexpected quarter. Do not overindulge with your higher authorities. This is the year of promotion. Those who are searching for a new job will get the opportunity to get the employment of their choice. If you are interested in changing the job from May to June 2021 and from September to December 2021 that may prove to be favorable for you. Finances issues will be satisfactory which may incite you to invest in house, luxurious properties and speculations too for good income. Business men will get support from their partners. They need to continue to experiment this year which may give desirable results. Those who were running in loss previously will get the opportunity to come over such a situation with the help of someone. Due to higher levels of expenditure you may not be able to save much.

Your rivals will be equally active and will leave no chance of leg pulling. So take care and do not allow any such situation to arise in your career. Keep away from the company of bad characters.

First quarter of the year 2021 may not give good results for health and you should be aware of any injury during this period. Infectious disease may keep you disturbed this year. While driving, take extra care. Practice Yoga and meditation to keep the stress away.

This year is going to be very ambitious for students as compared to the previous one. March and April 2021 are the best months for appearing in competitive examinations and also for education abroad.

Remedies – Serve the white colored cow with green fodder on Wednesday and worship Lord Ganesha for success in life.

We wish you A Happy New Year 2021

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