2021 Numerology Predictions for Number 2


Numerology has an important role in both Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. Though in Vedic Astrology we consider Ascendant to play an important role while making predictions but in Western Astrology Sun and Numerology are the main factors to make any prediction. Numerology is the science based on numbers. This is very popular in Western countries and also has immense significance to predict accurately about the traits and future of the native. In 2021 what will be the favorable time for the persons having `2` as their Birthday number, how will be their family life, professional life, financial issues etc. will be a matter of curiosity for such personalities. Here in this article, we shall discuss all the important aspects of life for 2021 for Birthday Number `2` persons.

Some natives do not have their full birth details but they are aware of the date of birth only. In the absence of horoscope, Numerology may prove to be very important for them to know about their future events.

Persons born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month in any year are known to have ‘2’ as their Birthday number. The one digit number of all these dates will be ‘2’ like for the date of 11 it will be 1+1=2, for 20 the same will be 2+0=2 for and for 29 it will be 2+9=11=2.

Total number of 2021 is also 5 i.e. 2+0+2+1= 5. Lord of Number 5 is Mercury and lord of Number 2 is Moon. Though both these planets do not have much compatibility with each other yet Moon is considered a planet which has sympathy with any planet. So this year is also going to be generally encouraging and prosperous for those who have their Birthday Number 2.They have good compatibility with Number 1, 2, 4 and 7.

Persons born with Number 2 are governed by the Moon. Mostly they will have the qualities of the Moon. Sun and Moon are two luminaries in the sky. Sun gives us light, heat and energy while on the other hand Moon gives coolness and appeasing soft light. Natives born with Birthday Number 2 are very sensitive and entertaining. Moon gives them attraction towards beauty and art. As such natives are very fond of beauties and art in their life. They also have flexibility in their nature and have the capacity to adjust them according to any situation. They are gentle, kind and cool natured persons and hardly get aggressive.

They are dreamers. Persons born with Birthday Number 2 are very good planners due to their imaginative abilities. If they get a desirable environment according to their wishes, they can prove to be excellent administrators and plotters. They want dedication in relations and once they create trust in any person, they will be ready to sacrifice everything for them and never forget the situation or persons who created problems for them. They are trustworthy. They are volatile persons. Their mind wanders all the time due to lack of confidence and as such they generally get depressed very soon as compared to the persons born with other dates. Insult makes them highly unstable and they do not forget the same so easily. Mood swinging is another factor which creates negativity in them making them unbalanced and disturbed causing lack of focus at their work. This habit may make them lethargic. Living in their own dreams, they also become impractical in life. They should not trust any person blindly.

Year 2021 is going to prove as a very good year for their professional life particularly during the months from March 2021 to July 2021.

Love relations may not give desirable results and they may remain anxious due to some misunderstanding in relations with the beloved one in spite of the fact that they are very caring. Financial benefits are seen this year.

Health will be generally good during the year 2021. They may get opportunities to get new ventures to be executed. However, they should be careful of diseases like cough and cold.

This year is going to be a successful year for them and they are also likely to get a promotion this year in their professional life.

We wish you A Happy New Year 2021

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