Shraavan 2018 – Auspicious month

If we count from the first month of Hindu calendar, Shraavan is the fifth month starting from Chaitra, Vaisakha, Jyaishtha and Aashaadha. Month of Shraavan is also month of onset of Chatur Mas, fourth months of rain. In the year 2018, Shraavan Mass will start from 28th of July till 26th August when the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated. This month is like a festival for the followers of Lord Shiva. The sky is full of Shiva element of Shravan Nakshtra on full Moon.

There are two aspects one mythological and the another is scientific. According to Hindu Mythology, churning of the ocean started during this month. All present there waited and rushed for the precious items but when poison (halahal) came out due to this process, every one present there refused to accept and consume the same. Lord Shiva came forward and drank the poison to save the world from its fatal consequences. Poison started showing its effect. All the deities and demons tried their best to save Lord Shiva. At this time, Lord Indra, God of rain, came forward to shower intense rain to bring down the rising temperature of the body of Lord Shiva. Thus, there became a ritual to offer water and items of cool nature like rice etc. on Lord Shiva. This is also a belief that persons born in this month have special role to play for the entire society- Lord Krishna being one of these.

Fasting has a lot of health benefits. Keeping fast during Shravan month is more beneficial due to climatic changes. This month is also auspicious for performing special puja or havan etc. for removal of various dosha like Pitur Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha etc.

Some girls face of lot of problems and delays in their marriage. This is the month when unmarried girls keep fast on Mondays for fulfillment of their wishes for marriage with a suitable husband. They seek the blessings of Lord Shiva for longevity and prosperity. Married women also keep fast praying Lord Shiva for the prosperity and long life of their husband.

Hindus perform special puja for Lord Shiva during this month. Chanting Maha Mritunjay Mantra is considered to give more benefic results during this month.

This is the month when monsoon arrives in India bringing hope and cheerfulness not only for the farmers but also for the entire society. This is the month when followers of Lord Shiva pray for peace and prosperity and shed away negativity from their lives. Prayer and fasts are observed to appease Lord Shiva.

But at the same time certain precautions are suggested during this month which has total scientific reasoning. Rain brings problems also. Rain raises the process of excessive breeding of hundreds of insects which are hidden everywhere and in the fields too.

Why this is not suggested to drink milk and non-veg during Monsoon. Milk giving animals like cows and buffalos etc. who consume grass etc. get infected and so is their milk. Same is the case with poultry birds and animals.

Sun is the ultimate source of energy. If we are deprived of sunlight for few days, we fall ill and become desperate and lethargic. Sun also controls our digestion. During monsoon we generally do not get sunlight sometimes for many days. Our digestive system becomes weak. That is why certain life style management is suggested by our ancestors. Fasting is one of these.

So, let us worship Lord Shiva and celebrate this auspicious month of Shraavan with dedication and commitment for the well being of the entire humanity.

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