Result of Sun in 9th House of Chart

Ninth house is related to religion and ideology. Placement of exalted and strong Sun in this house indicates inclination of the native towards spirituality and religion. Native with benefic Sun in ninth house has vision for life and has the capacity to think in a broader sense which may also bless him with intuition power.

Such a native is also found to have interest in the subject related to philosophy and law. He may have a great desire to travel a lot and to know about the traditions and culture of different parts of the world. His ideology has the power to attract others. He prefers righteous path if Sun is powerful and does not have the aspect of malefic planets. Weak, afflicted or debilitated Sun will reduce these qualities and the native may become jealous and arrogant of his knowledge bringing him defame. In this case health or relations with father may also suffer.

Lal Kitab remedy for Sun in Ninth house

1. Ancestral utensils should not be sold out. The same should be used regularly.
2. The native should donate the items of silver of and on and should never accept the articles made of silver free.
3. Balanced behavior will give favorable results.

Donations for Sun

If Sun is giving malefic results, the native should donate wheat, ruby, gold, jaggery etc. to the needy persons or to some Brahmin in the temple.

Mantra of Sun

Lord Shiva or Lord Rama should be worshiped in case Sun is giving adverse results. Beej Mantra of Sun is OM HRAM HREEM HRAUM SAH SURYAYE NAMAH

Yantra of Sun

This Yantra engraved on silver or bhojpatra should be kept in temple at home and should be worshipped daily.

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