Result of Sun in 5th House of Chart

Sun in this house represents level of creativity. You want to be in the center of attraction. This placement may also create ego or overconfidence. You may pose yourself in dominating position. You are mainly concerned with the well being, education and career of your children. Strong Sun in this house will make your children shine in their profession but you may remain tensed and worried about them if Sun is posited in a weak or afflicted position. You may have inclination towards speculation of adventurous projects in life. Weak Sun may also cause health ailments particularly related to heart and blood pressure. Old age may be difficult.

Lal Kitab remedy for Sun in Fifth house

1. Kitchen should be built in the eastern portion of the house.
2. Help the needy persons.
3. Shed your ego.

Donations for Sun

If Sun is giving malefic results, the native should donate wheat, ruby, gold, jaggery etc. to the needy persons or to some Brahmin in the temple.

Mantra of Sun

Lord Shiva or Lord Rama should be worshiped in case Sun is giving adverse results. Beej Mantra of Moon is OM HRAM HREEM HRAUM SAH SURYAYE NAMAH

Yantra of Sun

This Yantra engraved on silver or bhojpatra should be kept in temple at home and should be worshipped daily.

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