Result of Sun in 11th House of Chart

Native with Sun in eleventh house are goal oriented and he gets unwarranted help of his friend circle and colleagues. He will be original with attractive personality. He has high vision for life. With his mental composure and vision he gets recognition in his professional life. He will not hesitate to help others as he has humanitarian approach and believes in equality. He may have a big circle of friends.

Strong and exalted Sun ensures good position at this workplace. He would not continue his relations when he senses lack of harmony in the relationship. He becomes accustomed to any situation easily. This is also a position for good earning. To get all the results stated above, the Sun should be well placed. Weak or debilitated or afflicted Sun will not give good results and the native may have to run aimlessly for a stable earning where he hardly gets the help of his associates and friend circle.

Lal Kitab remedy for Sun in Eleventh house

1. One should keep radishes near his head and offer the same in the temple next day.
2. One should abstain from non-veg or liquor.

Donations for Sun

If Sun is giving malefic results, the native should donate wheat, ruby, gold, jaggery etc. to the needy persons or to some Brahmin in the temple.

Mantra of Sun

Lord Shiva or Lord Rama should be worshiped in case Sun is giving adverse results. Beej Mantra of Sun is OM HRAM HREEM HRAUM SAH SURYAYE NAMAH

Yantra of Sun

This Yantra engraved on silver or bhojpatra should be kept in temple at home and should be worshipped daily.

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