Result of beautiful combination of Jupiter and Venus on your Rashi from 1st of September 2018 to 11th of Oct 2018

Though it is temporary phase but this is really an amazing and beautiful combination of two key planets Jupiter and Venus in the balancing sign of Libra sign. Jupiter and Venus will conjunct in the Sign of Libra from 1st of September to 11th of October 2018. Libra is more known for its judgment excellence. Both these planets are considered benefic planets. Jupiter being given the status of a spiritual teacher of divinity and Venus is being considered as teacher of demons. Both are teachers or Guru of two difference diversities. Both are powerful. This auspicious combination should be considered to give peace, harmony and prosperity to the entire humanity. Contradictions, fights and unnecessary hot arguments will come down as a positive effect of this combination. Social life will be more relevant.

Even in Natal chart, this combination of Jupiter and Venus gives positivity and amicable mindset of an individual. The native will experience the influence of both these benefic planets like from Jupiter– knowledge, religious attitude, gentleness, dignity, recognition on one hand and on the other hand from Venus–love, romance, sex, passion, success, peace and worldly pleasures while prosperity is common feature which these two planets bestow on their natives. One important feature of Jupiter is that he also signifies husband in the chart of a female and on the other hand Venus represents the wife or feministic attitude in the chart of a husband. Indeed, an auspicious combination to lead a successful and harmonious married life.

There is contradiction also in this combination. Jupiter does not feel comfortable in the Sign of Libra whereas Libra is own sign of Venus. Venus gets strength in this Sign. The native may experience some moments where it may be difficult for him to decide which way is better, spiritual or worldly. But even then, this is the time to enjoy the life in both ways internally and worldly wise.

This combination is especially more auspicious for Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius Moon Signs/Ascendant. Followings are the effect of this conjunction of each Moon Sign/Ascendant.

Those with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces Moon Sign/Ascendant may not find this period much favorable.

For Aries Moon Sign/Ascendant

This combination will take place in seventh house which denotes marriage and partnership. Marriage itself is a sort of partnership. You will get the opportunity to spend memorable time with your dear and closed ones. This is also the best time to initiate your marriage or to finalize your marriage proposal. This is also an occasion to be utilized properly for those who get their marriage proposal rejected without any reason. This is the time for married couples to overlook their past bitter experiences, if any, and to initiate new life with love, trust and harmony. They will get the support of each other during this period. This is also a favorable time to initiate new business or also for those who want to expand their business with the approval of their business- partners. Some of you may get good opportunity to travel abroad. So this is a favorable combination for you and results of the same should be utilized properly without any doubt.

For Taurus Moon Sign/Ascendant

This is the time to appear in competitive examination and those who have already participated in such examination can get a favorable response. Those who are involved in litigation cases may get relief. You should not lend money to others. This time may not be much favorable for married life relations. You may feel lack of vigor and may also experience problems related to digestion. Health may also be an issue. You need to take care of the health of spouse too as sixth house is twelfth from the seventh house. Your focus during this transit should be health. Also do not allow negativity to come in your life due to tough competition or any rivalry.

For Gemini Moon Sign/Ascendant

This combination of Jupiter and Venus will occur in fifth house. This is a favorable and auspicious period for you. You may initiate some new relationship with opposite sex and if already in such relationship, this is the time to convert the same in to auspicious marriage. Your heart will be full of zest for love and music. Children will be cordial and will perform better. Friend circle will also extend the help which you may need to finalize your plans. This is also a favorable time for those couples who are planning or a baby. Health will be generally sound. Some of you may get desired promotion too.

For Cancer Moon Sign/Ascendant

This is the fourth house of the chart where this combination of Jupiter and Venus will take place during this period. Cancer born should utilize this phase for purpose full achievements. You will get support of your family and will spend happy time with them. This is good time to purchase luxurious items for household or immovable properties or vehicles etc. Mother, if ailing, will feel better due to improvement in health. You will feel relaxed with peace of mind and with support from social circle.

For Leo Moon Sign/Ascendant

This is the sign where this combination of Jupiter and Venus will give difficult results. Generally, all the aspects of life will be affected adversely. Relations with spouse may be tensed due to lack of understanding. There may small rift too. Relations with family members may not be cordial. Co-borns may be helpful. Performance of children may not be up to the mark. You may develop some unethical attitude. You need to check your tendency to initiate relations with the ladies of questionable character. You may face problems at your professional front and circumstances may force you to quit the job. But try to continue with your job because if you quit you may not find another job easily. Do not involve yourself in any deal. Financial problem may also be the cause of concern if Mercury and Sun are weak in the natal chart. So have patience and continue with your professional life. Atmosphere will change to your favor soon.

For Virgo Moon Sign/Ascendant

This combination will take place in second house and will generally give favorable results though not completely. You can claim your promotion, if due. If you want to change the job for betterment, this transit is for you. Financial condition will improve substantially. You may also be thinking of performing some religious activity at your home. Family members will be cordial and some new members may also join your family either in the form of birth of child or out of wedlock of some family member. You can purchase immovable assets during this period. You will show much interest in the matters related to family and your inclination towards religious activities may suddenly go up. Keep on enjoying this transit.

For Libra Moon Sign/Ascendant

Here in Ascendant, this combination is going to move which will generally prove to be helpful. Two benefic planets are transiting in first house. The main influence of this transit will be the improvement in your health which you might be suffering from sometime. Some of you might be hospitalized in the past and now they will get relief and health will start improving day by day. This is the time to stick to your job and try to maintain cordial relations with the co-workers. Some of you may suddenly feel lack of worldly interest and may develop your inclination towards religion or you may have the sense of being into the state of indifference.

For Scorpio Moon Sign/Ascendant

This combination of Jupiter and Venus indicates that you must be cautious of your health. Those who are dealing with foreign companies or those who have their business aboard should be extra cautious as there are some chances of cheating. Contractual obligations may create some misunderstanding. Company of some attractive woman may keep you delighted. You may be in a mood to initiate some new relations with opposite sex which may land you in to trouble. Be faithful to your conjugal life. Circumstances may force you to live separately from your family. Avoid sale of property etc. during this period as unnecessary disputes may arise to keep you tensed. You may be inclined to incur expenditures on luxurious items which should generally be checked.

For Sagittarius Moon Sign/Ascendant

This transit will definitely be going to help you. This is the time to get what you have desired for long. You will get the compensation of your hard work done in the past. At workplace, your contribution will be acknowledged and you may be compensated in the form of promotion. Trouble makers will calm down. Financially position will be equally satisfactory and you will move further to improve you financial position for the future. Spouse and family members will be supportive. You will also get the support of your closed friends and even elder brother will be helpful at the time of need. You will enjoy luxurious life and would like to help those who are in need of help. Health will be sound. Lovers will find this period most favorable and exciting. Strong bonding in the relations even may lead to wedlock with the consent of family members.

For Capricorn Moon Sign/Ascendant

At workplace, this can be a testing time for you. You may be thinking of changing the job for betterment. May be, you seniors are not much happy with you. Some colleagues at workplace may be playing against you and you may have to face some allegations too. You may be forced to work at lower rank as your seniors may be too demanding. You may feel stressed. Differences with in-laws may also not be ruled out. All these circumstances may be the cause of ill health. You may feel lack of freedom in your life.

For Aquarius Moon Sign/Ascendant

Jupiter and Venus transit will give favorable results during this period. You will take up the righteous path of religion. Effect of obstacles or losses suffered in the past will start getting reduced. You will enjoy good health. Financial position will be sound. Spouse will prove to be helpful and lucky. You will get plenty of opportunities to visit spiritual places. You will feel heavenly blessings. Brothers and other family members will prove to be helpful. You will also enjoy some auspicious ceremony at home. You will earn fame and respect and may also avail long pending promotion. This is the proper time to purchase property. Also take care of the health of elderly family member. Overall, this is an auspicious transit for you.

For Pisces Moon Sign/Ascendant

Jupiter and Venus transit in eighth house may not give favorable results. You will rather feel negativity due to circumstances around you. This is the period where you need to be alert from obstacles, worries, sorrows. You should alert of any theft. Government authorities may not prove to be helpful. Some of you may be forced to change the location of your job.
Health may be the cause of concern. Take care of problems related to live and abdomen. Unnecessary travelling should be avoided which may cause fatigue. You may also be forced to change your residence. Also take care of the health of children and father. But in spite of all these negativity you will be in mood to enjoy the personal life with passion. Spouse will be cordial and gain from in-laws may be anticipated. Gradually you will feel positivity in life in the near future.

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