For Sagittarius Moon Sign

Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn from 24th January 2020

Saturn will be transiting second house during its transit in Capricorn from 24th January 2020 for those who are born with Sagittarius as their Moon Sign. You may not be able to get favorable results during this transit.

Family life may not give desirable results and lack of understanding may surface amongst family members. This situation is manageable if you are willing to resolve the matters. You may develop philosophical approach. Sense of satisfaction in life may get reduced. Health and relations with the elderly members of the family should be taken care of. Mother’s health may require more attention in particular.

On the other hand, this phase may prove to be favorable for money matters. Expenditures are likely to be high on luxurious house hold items. Also take care of your health as diseases related to chest, cough and cold are seen during this period. Those who are already suffering from problems of blood pressure or heart related issues should take extra care.

Though, monetary aspect seems to be satisfactory yet you need to take care of your professional front as your hard work may not show desirable results and the seniors or higher authorities may not support you.

This period is third part of Sade Sati and you are running the last phase of this period. You might have faced lot of difficulties in previous years but coming time may bring some relief in your life. Keep on performing the remedies of Saturn so that this period may prove to be supportive for you.

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