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Result of Saturn transit in Capricorn from 24th January 2020

Saturn transit in Capricorn from 24th January 2020 will not give favorable results for those who are born with Aquarius as their Moon Sign. Saturn will be moving in 12th house and this house is not considered auspicious in Indian Astrology.

Though beginning of the year may give some relief but months after May 2020 can start giving trouble in life. Lack of harmony in marital life may start developing. You may not get desired support of your family members, relatives and friend circle. You may remain worried with the excessive amount of expenditures. Months of April and May 2020 will bring more instability in financial matters and you may have to face some losses. Expenditures may further rise due to illness or hospitalization which may have adverse impact on financial position.

At workplace, you may not get the desired results of your hard work in spite of some financial gains. Unwanted transfers may keep you tensed and relations with seniors or colleagues may get disturbed. Your rivals and opponents will be equally active to tarnish your image. Do not provide them any chance to take advantage of any situation. This transit may also be the cause of loss of respect if Saturn is weak or ill placed in the natal chart. Strong Saturn in natal chart indicates foreign travel.

Mental tension in life may prevent you to enjoy the pleasures of life. An unknown fear may surround you causing sleep disorders. You interest in religious activities may increase.

Shri Vinayaka Astrology advises you to take extra care of your health as diseases like joint pains; arthritis or injury in legs may give you trouble. Period of April 2020 is not favorable for health. Period from June to August may prove to be tensed for financial matters. Period of Sade Sati has started.  Performing proper remedies of Saturn in advance may reduce the malefic effect of this transit.

Guidance of some astrologer should be taken to reduce the malefic effect of any phase of this Sade-sati of Saturn.

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