Result of Moon in 5th House of Chart

Fifth house belongs to kids, education, innovative attitude and artistic pursuits. Placement of strong Moon in positive sign in this house makes its native creative and artistic. He may have special instinct to observe and distinguish the most beautiful and artistic selections. The native believes in learning more and more. He may always be trying to get higher education. Fifth house also stands for kids. Such native have emotional attachment with his children. The native may always be concerned with the well being and progress of his children. Moon also makes a person jolly in this house with good sense of humor. He may also have the capacity to read the mind of others as these natives are generally blessed with the power of intuition. Weak, debilitated or afflicted Moon will reduce the good effect as mentioned above and the native may get worried about the health or educational performance of his children. Such native may also develop the tendency to remain depressed.

Lal Kitab remedy for Moon in Fifth house

  1. Serving for the public will give positive results.
  2. Don’t be greedy.
  3. Always speak truth.

Donations for Moon

If Moon is giving malefic results, the native should donate white clothes, pearl, silver, milk or rice, etc. to the needy persons or to some Brahmin in the temple.

Mantra of Moon

Lord Shiva or Goddess Parvati (Gauri) should be worshiped in case Moon is giving adverse results. Beej Mantra of Moon is OM SHRAM SHREEM SHRAUM SAH CHANDRMASE NAMAH

Yantra of Moon

This Yantra engraved on silver or bhojpatra should be kept in temple at home and should be worshipped daily.

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